10 Things I Cannot Leave the House Without


     We have all had those days, where we are scrambling around to leave the house and you discover later on, after it is too late, that you’ve forgotten something.   

     You end up feeling lost and your whole day can be thrown off. I give myself a mental checklist to prepare myself whenever I leave my house, for whatever reason, because I’m most likely NOT in a position to just stop back home if I forget something.  

Here are 10 Things I never leave my house without!!

  1. Cell Phone.   This is an obvious one for so many of us.  It’s our lifeline! It’s our way of communicating with others without having to be tied down to a landline phone or computer.  It is rare I forget this baby!
  2. Lip Balm.  This is important any time of year: summer, winter, fall, spring, your lips need moisture and protection to keep them from getting dry, peeling and burning.  I have always been a ‘lip stuff’ type of gal with loads of glosses, lipsticks, stains, balms but let me tell you what—ALL other lip balms are inferior to the Rodan + Fields Lip Sheild!!  This is the best of the best of the best. I promise you! Hydrates, keeps the lips smooth and protects against the elements and UV rays. Get yours here: http://bit.ly/2FZllHf
  3. Wallet/Money/ID.  Again, this is just a given.  How can we go anywhere to do anything without the essential items we keep in our wallets?  You need money or access to money in case of an emergency or if you just so happen to stumble upon something you can’t live without. (Been there, done that!)  And, as adults, keeping our ID on us at all times is just something we do, right?
  4. Agenda Planner/Calendar.  We are a fast paced society and are always on the go, right?  Things come up along the way that need to be planned and scheduled but you don’t want to wait until you get home… you might forget!!! I know I will!  Best way to prevent that is to have your agenda planner/calendar with you at all times. You can always go home and transfer the important dates that the rest of the family needs to know on your large calendar but knowing what you have going on and when is a necessity when trying to plan anything.  
  5. Water Mug.   I do NOT leave my house without water.  Ever!! The majority of people out there don’t drink enough water or any for that matter.  Um, WHAT!? If there is anything you can do for yourself to feel good and be even somewhat healthy, please just guzzle water.  There are many theories to how much water we SHOULD be drinking each day but the easiest to remember is the 8x8 rule: 8 ounces of water, 8 times a day.  Key word is water. Not milk, soda, juice or energy drinks. I personally drink half my body weight in ounces or more of pure water or lemon water each day and I can totally tell when I don’t get that much in.  I feel like crud! Dehydrated, sluggish, brain fog…you get it. I’m not here to lecture, I promise!! Drink water!
  6. Essential Oils.   Over the last couple years and learning about Essential Oils and how to incorporate them into my daily life, I have discovered a few oils that I can’t live without on the daily.  I personally love EO blends that help support me throughout the day. I’ve got one to help with stress relief (for busy crazy days), one that helps boost my mood, very uplifting for when I’m feeling low, one for energy to help with motivation and one to even help with my allergies and keeping my airways nice and clear.  It’s super easy to take a whiff or roll on whatever blend I need to help give me a boost where I need it. I keep these 5 in my purse for on the go support!
  7. Gum/Mint.  This is an obvious one too.  No one wants stale or bad breath!!!  Pack your poison before you head out the door!
  8. Comfortable shoes.  I’m not even kidding here.  Even on days I run out in high heels, I have a comfortable pair of shoes to take along with me.  I’m up and moving on my feet throughout the day and after a few hours of standing on heels, my toes feel like they are going to pop clear off my feet.  Who wants to be uncomfortable all day? Not me. Cute shoes are great for a short time frame and then I flip to flats!
  9. Empty Bladder.  Did I hear a snicker?  I’m serious, here! Have you ever left the house to run errands and all of a sudden you have to go… like BAD BAD??!  That always seems to be the time when you’re getting every red light, the lines at the store are long and every obstacle you could ever think of will get in the way.  Insert feeling rushed and irritable. No, just me? Well, maybe because I drink so much water but this is one thing I must do before leaving the house—use the bathroom!  
  10. Positive Attitude.  Again, think back to the days where you just felt ‘off’, cranky, things weren’t going your way.  Did you leave your house in a rush? Did you have a bad morning or receive some news that just isn’t settling well? Acknowledge it and then flip your perspective.  Regaining a positive attitude will help set the tone for the rest of the day. I love to set an intention each morning, like “Today is going to be a great day!” and I repeat it as I am getting ready to head out.  

There it is!  Stop me anytime as I’m about to head out for the day and I’ll have all these and maybe more but for sure these 10 things are a must before I leave my house.  What are some of the things you can’t live without on the daily??

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  • Kim on

    Omg mindy you truly drink the most water if anyone I’ve ever met!!!! No wonder the empty bladder is important!! ❤️❤️❤️

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