3 Mom Boss Hacks to Feel Less Like a Hot Mess


3 Mom Boss Hacks to Feel Less Like a Hot Mess

Are you one hot mess mama?  

Tired of feeling like you're on the verge of burnout and can't seem to get your shit together?  

I feel you!  

There are days I feel like I have it all together and then there are days I'm about ready to lose my shit!  

Can you relate? 

Being Momzilla isn't a good look for me, so I had to learn how to go from hot mess mama to kick-ass mama, FAST!  

How can you go from hot mess to kick-ass?  

Take Care of Yourself First 

You absolutely can NOT pour from an empty cup so you must take care of yourself. I know as a Mom, you tend to put everyone else's needs before your own. Trust me; I get it. I do it too. However, I know that when I take care of myself first, I am a better wife, Mom, daughter, sister, and boss lady!  

Look at it this way, when you're flying the flight attendant tells you that in case of an emergency to put your oxygen mask on first, right? You must secure yourself first before helping others.  

Self-care is the same thing!   

You gotta take care of yourself mama, or you'll burn out! Don't believe me? Take a look at this related blog post where I share WHY self-care is important for your sanity 

Delegate Tasks, Hire Help or Outsource 

OMG, delegating, hiring additional help or outsourcing tasks is a life saver!  

Girrrl, I know you were raised to be SUPERWOMAN but let's be real here no matter how hard you try to live up to that expectation you'll never meet it. Yes, we're all SHE-roes, but we're not perfect. We can't possibly do it all. It's fucking insanity!  

Therefore, delegate tasks to your significant other, older kids or family members that expect you to do everything. There's no reason for you to tackle a to-do list for your family alone. Work smarter, not harder girlfriend!   

If you're a #momboss, like me, then outsource tasks that are taking you way too much time to do yourself. I recently hired a marketing consultant to do some social media tasks for me, and it has saved me a ton of time, stress, and many headaches all while improving my online marketing game!  

If you're still feeling overwhelmed after delegating or outsourcing tasks, then hire additional help. Hate cleaning? Hire a housekeeper! Can't walk the dogs? Hire a dog walker!  

Here's an expert tip that I received from my marketing consultant, check Care.com for people to hire! There's housekeepers, dog walkers, house sitters, caregivers, and more! The process is straightforward to find suitable helpers, and you can pay right through Care which makes it even better!  

Remember, you're not Superwoman, so don't burn yourself out trying to "do it all."  

Get Rid of Shit

Alright, this one seems like it may be a no-brainer, but I'm going to mention it anyway.  

If you can't keep up with the never-ending to-do list, then get rid of shit!  

Declutter your life, and you'll feel one helluva lot less like a hot mess!   

Get rid of toys, papers you don't need, books, clothes, or whatever else is driving you batshit crazy as you look around your home or office at the clutter that keeps piling up.  

Hell, if you're in a pinch and don't want to declutter hire a professional organizer to help! Freaking brilliant idea if I do say so myself.  

Listen when you feel like a hot mess mama you're not doing yourself any favors. You'll be cranky, stressed out, unable to focus, less productive, and not operating at peak performance. In a nutshell, you'll continue to be Momzilla!   

Yikes! I am pretty sure that the Momzilla look doesn't suit you. I can guarantee your kids, significant other, friends, family, and anyone else that you associate with on a day to day basis would LOVE for you to be your NORMAL self.  

Trust me; they want to be around you when you're happy, loving, caring, and fun. They deserve the very best version of you and that is NOT Momzilla.  

Alright Mama, share in the comments below: What is your biggest frustration with trying to juggle it all and not feel like a hot mess? 

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