3 of Summer's HOTTEST Trends

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3 of Summer's HOTTEST Trends

Wondering if you're being seen as a total #fashionista this summer? 

Perhaps you feel like you have somewhat of a clue, but maybe you're not 100% sure. Like, what is even trending right now? 

According to Cosmopolitan, the hottest summer trends are:  

  • Sheer 
  • Sleeves 
  • Bralettes 
  • Stripes 
  • White Dresses 
  • Ruffles 

Maybe what they're saying applies to the major cities like Hollywood or New York but where I'm from, not so much. Honestly, I haven't seen half of these hot summer trends. Have you? 

Cosmo may be able to talk about what's trending on the runway, but I KNOW what trends are popular this season that makes a bit more sense to us ordinary folk.   

Let's take a look at what is on trend this summer over here in normal-ville so that you can call feel confident in calling yourself a #fashionista: 

Bright Bold Colors 

Bright, bold colors are a huge hit this summer. It doesn't matter if it's with an eccentric print, a bold statement piece of jewelry, a pair of stilettos or as makeup. 

Bold colors are a hit! 

Primarily pink, yellow and teal seem to be what's trending the most for the bright pops of color as part of a fashionista's wardrobe.  

The 80's are Making a Comeback 

Are you an 80's kid like me? Then you know all too well what was popular then, and it is making a huge comeback. Gasp!  

  • big bold puffy sleeves 
  • shoulder pads 
  • high waisted pants 
  • bright fluorescent colors 
  • stonewashed clothing 
  • pegged jeans 
  • wide waist-cinching belts 
  • sequins 
  • ruffles 

OMG, I swore I would NEVER dress like that ever again. It's bad enough I had to endure the 90's look which was, well, let's be honest very similar to the 80's! 

What do you think? Are you loving that the 80's are making a huge comeback in the fashion industry? 

Florals Galore 

Florals here, florals there, florals are everywhere! 

It seems everywhere you look florals there are floral designed clothing everywhere. Even inside the Eye Candy Beauty + Boutique, we have floral shirts, cute floral maxis with adorable side pockets, and kimono style cardigans. 

Do you have a favorite way to wear florals? As a scarf, mixed with stripes, on a maxi dress, or a bikini. The choices are endless! 

Well, I don't know about you, but the trends listed by Cosmo don't tickle my fancy. However, you know what would? Be able to be on trend without breaking the bank as a fashionista! 

Here are six tips for helping you as a #fashionista stay on trend without breaking the bank: 

  • Shop in your closet! Trends recycle every ten years or so. I bet you have a few statement pieces of clothing that you can pull out that are now on trend. 
  • Utilize online apparel rentals like Gwynnie Bee or Le Tote so that you can rent fashionable clothing without having to break the bank to stay a #fashionista. You can send it back when it's no longer in season or on trend! 
  • Shop at your local consignment shops! There are always some golden finds there when you dig around, and it'll likely be easy on the pocketbook since it's used clothing. 
  • Leverage accessories for a pop of color and to pull together a look that's out of this world. Jewelry is versatile and easy to use to freshen up a look. Add a scarf and use it in your hair rather than around your next. Have fun with it! 
  • Use makeup to add some personal flair to your wardrobe and give it an overall enhanced or polished look. Try something new by changing up the usual makeup look for something a little trendier. No need to buy new cosmetics either, hit up YouTube to learn how to apply what you have differently. 
  • Try a modern on trend hairdo. Get wild and crazy by trying something new that's in style for the season. New color, new cut, heck, even a new accessory will do. You don't have to shell out hundreds of dollars to freshen up your look either. Try doing something yourself that you're comfortable with and give yourself a little bit of a makeover. 

Alright, now that you know what the season's hottest trends are and how to stay on trend without breaking the bank, share in the comments below: What interesting trends have you seen this summer? 

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