5 Ways to Practice Self Love



When you think of February, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you are like most people, it is almost immediate that we think of LOVE or Valentine’s Day, am I right? 


The month dedicated to love! Where we often go to great lengths to show our loved ones just how much they truly mean to us. We girls are way worse than guys when it comes to this! We have all been there, especially in a new relationship, that first Valentine’s Day together is carefully planned out and we spend hours coming up with the best gift and the best plan to show your love for them. Think about the effort you put into it! My guess is that you will agree we put A LOT of effort into this!


Let me ask you this- Do you ever give yourself the SAME kind of attention? Think about this for a minute. Do you put that much effort into yourself? Sure, it is great to have someone shower you with love and make you feel special but what I’m talking about here is SELF love!

What is self-love anyway? You might think it’s all about spa days, spending hours soaking in the tub or buying yourself something nice. While all of that sounds spectacular, it isn’t Self Love. Self love is more than that. It is a feeling and sensation of worthiness. That you are enough. It is acceptance of who you are as a person and accepting of the talents you were blessed with. It is believing in yourself! It is taking the steps to put yourself first, creating self-care routines and leading a positive lifestyle. Self love is consciously making yourself a priority on every level- body, mind and soul! When you take the time to care for yourself, you refuel your cup. You simply cannot serve others from an empty cup, now can you?

Here are 5 Ways to practice Self Love

1.) Practice Gratitude every day! Doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or elaborate. Just choose one thing each day that you are thankful for. Go a step further and journal about it!

2.) Stop comparing yourself to others! You do you! I sometimes have to remind myself to ‘stay in my own lane’ when I start looking at what others are up to.

3.) Surround yourself with like minded people! Being around individuals who are negative or always complaining is draining. Spend time with those who respect you, will always lift you up and are pleasure to be around.

4.) Be kind to yourself! We all make mistakes, it is how we learn. Don’t beat yourself up or give in to negative self talk. Stand in front of the mirror, take a deep breath and tell yourself, “I love you”. Just do it! No one has to hear or see you do it but do it for yourself. It is SO powerful!

5.) Spend time alone! I know it can be difficult with crazy schedules, kids and everything else we tend to put first but seriously, carve out 20 min for yourself and do what makes you happy! It could be reading a chapter in your favorite book, dancing by yourself, doing yoga or taking a walk.

What are some ways that you currently practice Self love or how will you start incorporating this into your routines?


***Special THANK YOU to Mindy Abbeduto for this amazing blog. You can check out more about Mindy @ www.minderelladesigns.com 

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