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Chuck FULL of Lash related information based off our most common questions we get from our clients!  Starting with talking about your eye’s natural growth cycle, what can alter this, what having poor retention means, how long you should be going in between fill appointments and determining what appointment option is best for you to book, we are covering a TON of info for you! We are hoping this will help you understand your lashes better and understand how extensions work so that you can keep them as healthy as possible and looking their very best.  

Natural Lash Shedding Cycle

Something that comes as a surprise to many people is the fact that our natural eyelashes DO shed!  It is a completely natural thing happening within our bodies that we don’t even realize is happening for a couple reasons.  One being that our natural eye lashes are very delicate hairs, much lighter in color and thinner, making it hard to notice the shedding process.  Two being that especially us women, we are wearing makeup, cleaning makeup off our eyes and rubbing them in the process, we are not going to know if or when a lash does shed.  We lose anywhere on average 1-5 eyelashes per eye, per day.  This can vary greatly from person to person and you may even have certain times of the year where you will shed more than others.  An average lash cycle is 4-6 weeks long and our eyelashes are in a constant state of shedding along with the re-growth cycle. 

What can affect the Growth Cycle.

We’ve talked about the natural growth cycle and how our natural lashes shed, taking the extension with it.  Everyone’s lash cycle is completely different as each person’s body is unique.  Your lash cycle can change over time, as we age, and our bodies change or if we are making changes within our lifestyle that may affect the growth cycle by causing it to speed up or slow down some. 

Certain medications, medical treatments and even hormonal imbalances can affect hair growth, causing rapid shedding or possibly even slow growth down completely.  Some clients may notice when they start on a new medication, that their extensions aren’t lasting as long.  Pregnant women notice this too!    We have had clients mention that they notice more shedding the closer they get to their monthly menstrual cycle! This is just due to your body changing and readjusting.

Same thing goes with taking supplements and other herbal remedies.  Adding nutrients or overcoming any nutritional deficiencies will increase your overall health and promote growth, which in turn will speed up the growth cycle making it seem like your eyelashes are shedding rapidly.  This may cause for alarm, but it is a normal, healthy process happening.  Diet and nutrition come into play here as well!  You might be thinking, ‘how does what I eat have anything to do with my eyelashes’, lady??  Trust me, it does!  Poor nutrition wreaks havoc on our bodies, including our eyelashes!

Seasonal shifts can alter a growth cycle too!  We are animals and our eyelashes ARE hair, right?  Just like your friend Fluffy sheds her fur in the spring time, getting rid of excess hair that was needed to stay warm in the winter, our eyelashes experience the same thing.  We go through two rapids growth cycles when it comes to our eyelashes, in the Spring and in the Fall.  You will hear us mention during these times that it is the ‘Spring Shed’ and you may experience more growth and shedding happening over a 4-6 week timeframe.  Don’t worry! This is normal and healthy!!

Lash Shedding Vs Poor Retention. 

These are two very different things that happen when having eyelash extensions.  This week we have already discussed the natural growth cycle and what can alter this natural cycle within our bodies.  (In case you missed it, check out the full blog post here!)  Today, I want to talk about POOR RETENTION!

What is poor retention or what does that mean when we say it?  Poor retention in relation to lash extensions means, the lash extensions are not holding up as well as they are intended to.  The lash extensions are coming off before the natural lash actually sheds.  This means you are doing something, maybe not intentionally, that is affecting the strength of the adhesive and causing the extension to pop off.

There are SO SO many things that come into play if you want to have GOOD retention and have your eyelash extensions stay looking their very best.  I always say good retention takes teamwork effort, meaning that we will always do everything we can during our prep and application to ensure that the extension gets a good bond to the natural lash but then once you walk out or door, the responsibility is on you.  Ensuring you are taking exceptional care for your eyelash extensions will greatly improve the life of your extensions and health of your natural lashes as well. 

The biggest one here is keeping your eye area and extensions clean and free of oil and debris.  Oil breaks down the adhesive, making it not as strong or as durable as it is intended.  This goes for oils in products and even just the natural oils on your skin, so keeping the eye area clean is key!  The buildup of oils, skin, dirt, debris will cause the adhesive to break down or even clump the extensions together which can cause stress to the natural lash and you may notice premature shedding. 

Any type of products used on the face, especially near the eyes MUST be an oil-free product! We are talking makeup, cleansers, creams, removers.  Additionally, mascara is an absolute NO-NO on your extensions! Continued use of these products will cause your extensions to fall off the natural lash. 

Lifestyle and certain activities can cause poor retention.  This just means you may need to take extra steps in caring for your extensions or just know that these activities could affect the life of your lash extensions.  A great example here is during the summer or when taking vacations.  The excess heat and humidity can break down the adhesive but also just being more active and perspiring more will produce excess oils.  Swimming, especially in the ocean or in a pool can cause issues too, with allowing the salt water or chemicals in the water from a pool dry on the extensions, will break down the adhesive as well. 

You can usually adjust your daily routine and overcome poor retention, but it is also important to know that it may just be something going on within your body that is altering your growth cycle.  Typically, poor retention is a result of simply not following proper aftercare instructions. 

How often do I need to come for Fills?

A common question we get from clients is how often do I need to come in for fills?  Every person is different, and it really comes down to preference and how much time you want to dedicate to the upkeep.  We know that our lashes are constantly shedding and growing in new lashes and that there are also outside factors that can make our extensions thin out a little faster than normal too. 

Most of our clients come in on a 2-3 week basis for touch-ups or fills.  Why?  On average, our natural lash growth cycle is 4-6 weeks.  At that mark, you should be approximately halfway through your growth cycle and should see about 50% loss in extensions.  This is a good time to come in for maintenance and have them filled in.  Remember we lose anywhere from 1-5 eyelashes per eye per day, which means on average, you could lose up to 35 lashes per eye in a week’s time. 

During the fill appointment, we will go through the existing extensions, removing any extensions that are overly outgrown that just haven’t shed on their own.  We then will fill in the new, available lashes with extensions, giving you a nice full look again. 

You may be someone who has a faster growth cycle and will need to come in sooner than the average 2-3 week mark or maybe your cycle is a tad slower and coming in once a month is ideal for you.  It really depends on how full you want your eyelash extensions looking as the further you go out in between fills, the more shedding you will have and the overall look of your extensions will thin out. 

Remember that this recommendation is just based off an average growth cycle.  If you have experienced a rapid shed or are having poor retention, you may need to come in sooner for your fill appointments. 

What appointment option do I book? 

Ok Lash Loves!  This week we have gone over quite a bit! We talked about the natural lash cycle, what can alter your growth cycle, what can cause poor retention and how often to come in for fills.  Now, your lashes are ready for a fill appointment, but you aren’t what appointment you should be booking?  Let’s go over your options and our recommendations!  Ultimately, it is your choice what appointment you book with us but this information should help you decide. 

At Eye Candy, we book our appointments by time.  This means, the amount of time you book with us, is the amount of time we will service you! We offer a variety of fill times to choose from and recommend the following IF you have had average lash loss in between your appointments. 

If it has been up to 2 weeks since your last appointment, we recommend booking the 45-minute fill.  This touch up is perfect for clients who want to keep their lashes ON POINT. Approx. 30 - 40 extensions per eye. Typically, clients have about 75% of extensions remaining.

If it has been 2-3 weeks since your last appointment and you’ve experienced average lash loss, we recommend booking the 60-minute fill.  Our most popular fill! Approx. 40 - 60 extensions per eye. Typically, clients have about 50% - 60% of extensions remaining.

If it has been 3-4 weeks since your last appointment and you’ve had average lash loss, we recommend booking the 75 min fill.  Pump, pump, pump it up! Our longest fill appointment is perfect for those with amazing retention, long distances to travel or those who are just too busy to come in more often.  Approx. 60 - 80 extensions per eye. Typically, clients have about 30 - 50% of extensions remaining.


What do these percentages mean and how can you determine what percentage of extensions are remaining?  We don’t expect you to sit down and count each individual lash and extension…no, no, no!  We don’t even do that!

They say that we have between 80-120 natural eyelashes per eye.  Let’s just use 100 to make this math easy for us all, ok?  When we do your full set or a fill on you, we are aiming to lash 100% of your available lashes.  That means you have approximately 100 lashes with extensions to start out with.  When we say you must have 30% of your extensions left on in order to book a fill with us, that means, each eye should still have around 30 extensions left. If for whatever reason you have less than that, you WILL need to schedule a full set appointment. 

So what happens if you don’t book enough time?? If you come in for your lash appointment and have more loss than expected, we can only work for the allotted time based on the type of appointment scheduled. If you need additional time, and your Lash Stylist's schedule allows, you may add on time in 15 minutes increments up to 75 minutes. If your Lash Stylist's schedule does not allow of additional time to be added, another appointment will need to be scheduled in the future.

Whew!  There you have it Lash Loves! Did you learn anything new that came as a surprise?  What questions do you have for us? 

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