Hot Beauty Trends for Spring 2018

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Hot Beauty Trends for Spring 2018


We're gearing up for winter, but Spring is upon us! Now is the time to prepare to be on trend with your beauty routine for Spring 2018. 

What is trending? Any guesses? 

Will it be a bold blue eyeshadow look, sun-kissed skin, peachy lips, bold winged eyeliner or something to rad and outrageous that only works for the models on the runway?  

Trends for the Runway 

Well, the Spring 2018 beauty trends are totally rad and outrageous! To start, let's talk about the trends they should leave for the runway. 

According to Glamour, some of the season's hottest trends will be a "sweaty" eyelid, and cheekbone look claiming it brings an angelic iridescence. I beg to differ! Sorry not sorry, but this looks dumber than hell! Save it for the runway! Who the eff wants to look like they’re sweaty all damn day long? I sure as hell don’t! The only sweaty look I want is from trying on all my favorite clothes from Eye Candy Beauty + Boutique! I mean, yes or yes? 

Additionally, a pastel winged look will be a show stopper this season! Yeah, it definitely will stop peeps dead in their tracks at the atrocity of makeup on your lids! Don’t get me wrong a pretty pastel eyeliner can look fresh and Spring-like; however, keeping the liner thin is imperative to not looking like you're trying to channel your inner Carebear. 

One last look that should stay on the runway is the mermaid eye. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE mermaids! However, the mermaid inspired makeup look where you legit have eyeshadow all around your eye like the black eye on a Panda is a bit much. Keep it simple, people! 

Trends We Love

Alright, since we dished on the trends we hate, let's gush about the trends we love! And there are LOTS of them, Eep! 

 For starters, it seems the grown-up yet youthful but polished look is in this season. Meaning, prep and prime your skin for a beautiful and flawless look where you can turn back the hands of time and look like a younger version of yourself. Wouldn’t that be amazing?  

Love bling as much as we do? Good! You’ll love that glitter is making a huge comeback and can be worn on your nails or eyelids. In fact, you’ll see more glittery eyeshadows and liners to accommodate this hot new trend.  

And if glitter wasn’t bling-bling enough, there are people who are bold enough to wear crystals on their face for a little extra glitz and glam. Wow! Could you imagine? I wonder if they would feel heavy on your face. Would they cause you to age quicker to do the weight and gravity making your skin sag? Maybe! I think I’m going to vote this one as a beauty trend to stay on the runway, BUT for those of you who want to go all out and be bold! This one may be for you. 

A beautiful red lip is always in style, but this year the h-ombre is where it’s at! Basically, it’s a horizontal h-ombre lip look that gives your makeup an edgy feel rather than soft and romantic. It’s an acquired look, but boy does it look amazing when done right! 

Lastly, what’s coming soon is rose quartz color hair! OMG! It’s freaking beautiful! I’m not sure if you love colored hair or not, but I think a rainbow-colored hair is beautiful and obviously unique. It’s a way to express yourself. The rose quartz hair is adorbs. I mean, who would love a soft pink hair color? Well, maybe your parents or your boss…but…who cares about them! Right? 

What do you think? Are you a fan or the rainbow-colored hair trends that are gaining popularity? They have my vote! When done tastefully they truly can look professional but still be unique. 

Well, that’s it! Those are my take it or leave trends for Spring 2018! Some should definitely stay on the runway and other’s I’m excited to see in full swing.  

Keep in mind there are lots of new trends coming out this season. In fact, some are making a comeback from what seems like eons ago. That’ll be interesting! But my point is, this isn’t an exhaustive list of all the latest and greatest trends that will be making their grand entrance over the next few months.  

As always, it’s encouraged you trying new styles but do what works best for your style! 

Share in the comments below: What’s your favorite Spring trend that you’re excited to use? 

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