How do Fashion Trends Start

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How do Fashion Trends Start

Ever wonder how the latest trends come to be? 

I know I have been curious! Who says what is in and what isn't? What makes the cut and what doesn't? Who decides what will be popular for the upcoming season? Someone has to make the decision, so who is it? 

After careful consideration, I have determined what I think are three ways in which fashion trends start. Let's take a look! 


The runway is a give in. It's where the latest fashion trends are shown off by up and coming or well-known fashion designers. The fashion designs are usually over the top and appear to be designed to fit one person's body. Likely because they're couture designs that are showcased on the runway. 

While these trends are popular on the runway and certainly grab one's attention, they usually aren't ideal for us average folk.  


Celebrities are one of the top ways trends start. Why? Well, it seems that all eyes are on them. They have a large fan base of raving fans with whom adore them. And out of their admiration for the celebrity, fans will copy their fashion trends in inspiration. 

Fans aspire to be like their favorite celebrity and while they may not be able to live in multi-million-dollar mansions, being able to wear fashion trends as they do seem to light them up like a firecracker on the 4th of July. 

Fashion Bloggers

Fashion bloggers are trendsetters! They carry a lot of influence in their niche as their followers hang on to their every word. They offer a unique and fresh perspective on the fashion industry that you won't see elsewhere.  

They also do all the heavy lifting for you by doing the research and trying out new trends so that they can summarize the details in one epic blog post that their fans are drooling over.  

Now I'm not sure if this is how trends start, but it makes perfect sense to me. Fashion trends start somewhere, right? Who knows, maybe you will be the next trendsetter and fashion icon! 

Share with me in the comments below: Where do you think fashion trends start? 

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