How to Improve Your Life and Feel More Fulfilled

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How to Improve Your Life and Feel More Fulfilled

Have you ever looked around and noticed that your life kinda sucks?  

You see your friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances living their life and maybe you're even feeling slightly envious of how amazing their life looks from the outside looking in.  

You realize that you're feeling unfulfilled and you're wondering how that could be.  

Can you relate?  

You have friends that get you, a family that loves you, and coworkers or acquaintances that are there for you. However, despite the "blessings" you still feel all alone, invisible, and unfulfilled.  

You wonder how in the hell your life got this way.  

You fear there's no turning back and that this is the reality your life will face until the end of time. How could you possibly fix what's broken when you don't even know how the hell you got there in the first place?  

Can you relate?  

Life can feel like an uphill battle some days. Truthfully, if we aren't careful, we will end up on the proverbial hamster wheel going about our day with no real emotion other than feeling invisible.  

It's a hard pill to swallow, isn't it?  

Here's the thing, you've acknowledged that your life kinda sucks right now and that there has to be a better way. There has to be a way to fix feeling like shit where no one understands or gets you. You desire to live a life where you're no longer invisible and going about your day blindly, but you want to live it with passion, conviction, and zest!  

Are you ready to learn the secrets of feeling more fulfilled?  

Awesome, let's dive in!  

Eliminate Expections

Removing the expectations, you put on yourself and others can help improve your overall happiness. When we expect those we love to act, say, do, or be a certain way, we're setting ourselves up for disappointment. We can't force people to change, and we certainly can't expect them to live up to our standards.  

The reality is, we all dance to the beat of our drum. Some like a slow rhythm and some like it fast, either way, we're all on our journey to living our best life!  

Eliminate the expectations you place on others as well as yourself and watch how your life will instantaneously transform. You'll eliminate stress, anxiety, and overwhelm by only focusing on what you can control and letting go of what you can't. 

It's quite freeing actually! Trust me and try it.  

Improve Yourself

In conjunction with eliminating expectations, one must continuously be working on themselves. Are you a personal development junkie? 

If not, you should be!   

By continuously working on improving yourself, you're growing, changing, and transforming your life. Think of your life as a spoke of a wheel. When the areas of your life are out of balance, your wheel isn't well-rounded. As such, the wheel of life becomes one helluva bumpy as ride.   

However, balance out the spokes of the week so that it's well-rounded and you have yourself a smooth and enjoyable ride.  

Make sense?  

So, what could the spokes of the wheel be for your life?  

  • Finances 
  • Friends 
  • Career 
  • Spouse/Significant Other 
  • Health/Wellness 
  • Fun/Leisure  
  • Personal Development 
  • Home Environment 
  • Spiritual 
  • Education 

The choice is yours, but those are a few to get the ideas rolling. Now for each area, on a scale of 1-5 (one is low, five is high), how would you rate each section of your wheel of life?  

Remember each topic represents a spoke of your wheel. You're going to see how out of balance your life is and why you feel so freaking unfulfilled.   

After you've completed the exercise how does it make you feel to see that several areas are out of balance? Can you see and understand why your life feels like one hot damn mess? 

What you can do next is jot down the number you wish you were for each area. This is your GOAL number to help you balance out your wheel of life.  

From there, you can start making the necessary changes to transform your life by considering some or all of the following so that you can continue to improve yourself:  

  • Hiring a Life Coach (I have a great one to recommend!) 
  • Reading or listening to personal development books 
  • Taking small steps to make changes that'll have big rewards 
  • Improving your mindset  
  • Practicing self-care and taking better care of yourself  
  • Journal writing  
  • Therapy or counseling 
  • and more!  

I don't want to overwhelm you; however, I do want to encourage you to take a good cold hard look in the mirror at what you see. There's no one to blame for you feeling unfulfilled other than yourself.  

Yes, it is your fault!  

The sooner you realize it, the better you'll be.  

Commit to making the changes from within to help improve your relationships with others and feel more fulfilled with your life overall.  

Set Boundaries  

Setting boundaries for your life and with others is a hot topic and a challenge. However, I want you to understand that is OK to say no to the people, places, and things that don't serve you positively.  

By continually saying yes to people, places, or things that don't light you up like a firecracker on the 4th of July, actually drains your precious energy. You're enabling others to use you like a doormat. They rule and run your life, not you.  

Yikes, that's a little scary!  

To set healthy boundaries, take inventory of all the people, places, and things that you say yes to out of a sense of obligation or guilt.  

Take inventory of the items that bring you the joy that makes your heart skip a beat when you're at the moment with someone, doing something, or at a particular location. Those very "things" are what you want to do more of!  

When someone asks you to meet up, for help, or to do something. I want you to ask yourself; this - Is this something that I will enjoy doing? Is this something that I feel obligated to do or do I genuinely want to do this? How will this benefit me? How will I feel about it later? 

The more positive responses mean it's in alignment and within your boundary. More negative responses mean it's out of alignment and outside of the healthy boundaries you've placed for yourself.  

Work to stay within the healthy boundaries and over time you'll see the transformation in your life and fulfillment increasing.  

Improve Your Inner Circle  

Your inner circle of influence is essential for your fulfillment and is directly linked to the relationships you have with others.  

If you're surrounded by broke as a joke friends, drama queens, and hustler's, well, do you think your life is going to feel fulfilled?   


Jim Rohn said, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."   

Therefore, surround yourself with people who live you up, inspire, support, encourage, and praise you. By doing so, you'll increase the energetic vibration of the people you're with and therefore increase your happiness and fulfillment.   

Ditch those that drain your energy, bring you down, and that doesn't serve you positively. They're wearing you down and making you feel less fulfilled.   

Think about it!   

Listen to Your Intuition 

Alright, now onto my last important secret to improving the relationships around you to live a more fulfilled life.  

It's to follow your heart and listen to your intuition! 

Reality check! If you're constantly doing, saying, acting, or being what everyone else what's you to be then you're going to feel unfulfilled. You're letting everyone else control your every move like a marionette puppet. 

Therefore, stop letting others rule your life and live your best life!  

Say yes to your desires! Follow your dreams!  

Ditch the people, places, or things that don't intuitively feel right or that throw you off the path of your innermost desires. Tune into your intuition and let it guide you because it'll never steer you wrong.  

You have ONE life to live! Why not make it a great one?   

As you can see, you have the power to feel fulfilled by transforming your life! Take it one day at a time, and you're already halfway there to living a life you dream of.  

Share in the comments below: What was your biggest takeaway about how to transform your life to feel more fulfilled? 

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