How to Keep Your Spray Tan from Fading like a Mofo


How to Keep Your Spray Tan from Fading like a Mofo

Do you wish your sun-kissed glow would last longer than a couple of days?

Are you frustrated that your spray tan looks splotchy and uneven?

Perhaps you're not properly caring for your skin in order for your spray tan to last longer!

Here’s the dealio, a lot of people who love to get a spray tan forget or aren't aware that taking proper care of your skin before, during, and after a spray will help keep your spray tan on for longer and will help prevent it from being splotchy or uneven. 

Who knew, right?

Well, since I'm a pro at spray tans and do this regularly in my salon, Eye Candy Beauty + Boutique, I want to share with you ten tips that you can implement right away to keep your spray tan from fading like a mofo so that you can continue looking like the goddess that you are!

Alright, let’s dive in! 

10 Tips for Keeping Your Spray Tan from Fading Like a MoFo:

  1. Exfoliate each day three days before the desired spray tan application to remove any dead skin cells and leave your body feeling smooth like a baby’s bottom.
  2. Shower, shave and exfoliate your body 8-hours before the spray tan application so that you can ensure an even spray tan look.
  3. Use lotion that is oil, fragrance, and anti-aging free to prevent fading of your spray tan.
  4. Avoid oils, perfume, and anti-aging creams as they'll cause fading quite quickly when used after a spray tan.
  5. Wear loose clothing and potentially let the “girls” hang free when you go get a spray tan to avoid the tanner from rubbing off or causing odd "tan lines”.
  6. Once the spray tan is on, wait least 8 hours before you take your first shower.
  7. Avoid excessive exfoliation and shaving immediately after the application. If you must shave your lady bits, press lightly with the razor!
  8. Wax no less than 24-hours before a spray tan to avoid the "5 o'clock shadow" look from the tanner getting into your pores and causing them to appear dark.
  9. Apply gradual self-tanner on days 3-4 where any fading starts to occur.
  10. Avoid sitting in a hot tub, Jacuzzi or taking extremely hot showers after the application.

As you can see, the ten tips I provided are simple enough to follow. I mean, a child could handle them!

Therefore, be sure to test out some of these tips to see which tips will work for you to keep your spray tan from fading like a mofo.

Share in the comments below: What tip can you share that has helped your spray tan from fading?

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