How to Kick the Blues and Stay Positive


How to Kick the Blues and Stay Positive 

Are you struggling to kick the blues and be more positive? 

I totally get it! Sometimes the blues just hit you like a ton of bricks. It could be because of the weather, the holiday season, a life event, or something in between that knocks you off kilter.

It can be difficult to get back up, dust the dirt off, and let yourself shine when you’re feeling shitty. Trust me, I truly understand.

So, what can you do about it? How can you ditch the blues and be more positive?

Here are three tried and true ways to ditch the blues and get your groove back:


Journal writing can be therapeutic when you dive in and let yourself go with your writing. When you over think journal writing, it can feel more like a job than anything else. Take 30-min or so, find a quiet place, and clear your mind. Let your hand write whatever comes to mind.

It doesn’t have to be a “Dear Diary” entry like you did as a teenager, unless you want it to be. All that is really needed is to write down anything that is bothering you. Don’t worry about what you’re writing or how it sounds. No need for proper grammar or punctuation. The point of this exercise is to free your mind and release all of the negative thoughts and to put them on to paper.

If you’re not a writer and don’t want to journal that way, you can record voice notes that will be audio journal entries. These can be just as powerful. When you learn to release and let go of all the mess in your head, the better off you’ll be! 


Now you know I’m all for having fun! In my experience, when I’m feeling blue it’s usually because I’m not taking care of myself and doing activities that I enjoy. If you’re like me, schedule time to go have some fun!

It doesn’t matter if it’s alone time or with friends and family. The point is to get out of the house (and your head) and go let loose. By doing so, you’ll free your mind, bring more joy to your life, and eliminate the stress you feel.

This is a quick fix but in order to have a long-term impact, you need to schedule time for fun on a consistent basis.

Pay it Forward

Volunteering is an incredible way to make an impact as well as give back to others. You can’t deny how good it feels to give back to your community and other’s that are in need.

You can donate your time, money, skills, expertise, or whatever your heart desires to a cause that is near and dear to your heart. Reach out to local charities to ask how you can help. Look to help someone anonymously in your neighborhood that is struggling. Pay it forward while out and about in the community. Pay for someone’s meal when you go through the drive-through.

There are so many ways that you can volunteer, pay it forward, and give back to life the blues and boost your spirits. 

This isn’t a fully comprehensive list, but it at least provides you three simple ways to ditch the blues and lift your spirits.

In the comments below: How do you ditch the blues and stay positive? 

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