How to STOP Giving an Eff About What Other People Think

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How to STOP Giving an Eff About What Other People Think

Are you sick and tired of living your life for other people? 

Frustrated that you have to walk on eggshells to keep the peace? 

Girl, stop it! You have ONE beautiful life to live, and it's your duty to live it to the fullest. There's NO NEED to walk on eggshells so that you don't piss anyone off. In fact, you don't even need to live your life where you're trying to please everyone else. You #1 job is to live YOUR LIFE and be HAPPY! 

But how can you live your life when you're always worried about everyone else? 

STOP giving an eff about what other people think! 

Listen, I know everyone wants to feel loved, supported, and liked. <Spoiler alert> The reality is you're not going to be everyone's cup of tea. The quicker you realize that the better off you'll be! 

You are going to have people who love and adore you, some that think you're ok, and then there are those that loathe your very existence. The truth is, we ALL have people like that in our life. Hell, even people we have never even met will dislike us for some stupid, childish, or moronic thing. 

It's a natural human tendency to have feelings about someone, and we choose what feelings we want to feel. Therefore, let's have a quick reality check for a hot second. How many people do you barely know or have only "heard of" but you loathe them? Maybe it's because they make more money than you, they have children, and you don't, they travel all over the world, or whatever it is that triggers you. C'mon, be honest with yourself. I bet you have a few people like that, right? 

See, that's my point! We all have people that we adore, some were ok with and others we could do without. However, do you think any of those people even give a rat’s ass what you think about them? Nope! 

They don't care! They're living their life, having fun, and staying in their lane, so they aren't focused on the people that dislike them. Their attention is on living their life to the fullest and surrounding themselves with people who adore them for exactly who they are. 

Sounds pretty refreshing, does it? 

Then it's time to stop giving an eff about what other people think and start living your dream life! 

Here are five ways you can start living a kick-ass life and stop giving a damn about other's opinions of you: 

Stay in Your Lane

Ever hear the expression stay in your lane? It's 100% true! You gotta learn how to mind your own damn business; keep moving forward and don't veer off into other people’s drama. Check the drama at the door mama and do your thang!  

Focus on what Matters to You

It's time to stop focusing on what everyone else wants you to do and focus on what you want to do. Do the shit that lights you the hell up! You're a grown ass woman. Do what you want to do, when you want to do it, and do it without any regrets!  

Trust Your Intuition

Listen, as a woman, you are naturally intuitive. Listen to what your gut is telling you and follow your heart.   

Want to go to art school, do it!  

Want to become a model and travel the world, do it!  

Want to be a mother hustler like me, do it!  

The point is that you already know what you sincerely desire. However, you keep pushing it down. Far, far down, in an attempt to play small to maintain the peace.  

You darling are a LION, let me hear you R-O-A-R!  

Life is too Short

 Life is precious and far too short to be worried about...

  • what others think of you 
  • what you should do with your life 
  • how you should raise your kids 
  • what school to go to 
  • how to run your business 
  • who you should date or marry 
  • how you should spend your money 

This is YOUR life! Not theirs, yours. So, start living it! You want to live a kick-ass life, right? Then stop giving an eff about what other people think and start following your dreams.  

 Not sure how to live a kick-ass life? Don't worry! I wrote an epic blog post that covers this very topic. Click HERE to read How to Live a Kick-Ass Life!  

What Other's Think About You is None of Your Business

Dr. Wayne Dyer said, "What other people think of me is none of my business." I love it! Partially because he's a rock star but also because it's true!  

Are you in business to know what other's think of you? Seriously doubt it and I'm pretty sure if you're an entrepreneur, like me, that worrying about the opinions of others don't make the dolla dolla bills rain all up in your lady business, now does it? Nope!  

It's none of your business, and you're not in business to know what other's think about you. Capiche?  

Therefore, my words of advice to you are too seriously stop giving an eff what other people think and start living a kick-ass life today!  

Share in the comments below: What is your #1 struggle when it comes to letting go and stop giving an eff what other people think of you?  

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  • Linda Carney on

    Truer words never spoken! Thank you for this post! Saying no is the hardest thing for me. But I am learning (finally at almost 60), to live authentically, to not say “yes” when my heart says “no”. And giving no excuses or apologies. Learning to do this brings such freedom. :)

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