The ULTIMATE GUIDE to Lash Extensions!



Considering this is my main gig… I haven’t really talked too much about my FAVORITE beauty service…. LASH EXTENSIONS! Raise your hand if you’ve had extensions. Are you raising your hand? If not, you NEED to try this out. Just once.

Need a reason or 3? Just want the 411? Check out my “Ultimate Guide to Lash Extensions” below.


So let’s start with the basics… what are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes glued individually and directly to your natural lashes in order to create a customized look. The material can be one of many things including synthetic silk, synthetic mink or real mink. Real mink lashes are rare, expensive, and in my professional opinion, not worth the dough. Yes, they create a gorgeous look. However, you can achieve very similar looks without all the cost if you have the right technician.

What can someone expect to achieve with lash extensions?

Eyelash extensions can add dramatic length and volume to thin and short lashes. A bold, rich lash line makes your eyes brighter, bolder and appear more alert. Never hassle with smudged or smeared mascara ever again! Lashes create a more youthful appearance. Extensions will take years off your face, making the eyes look brighter, well rested and more lifted without the surgery and pain. Imagine beautiful and fresh eyes the moment you wake up!

What type of adhesive is used? Is it safe?

Your technician should be using a medical grade adhesive that is formaldehyde free. Our adhesives are low odor. We do have adhesives made for sensitive eyes as well.

The minimal amount of adhesive that is used on each lash should be considered safe for its intended purposes, however skin contact should be avoided. A small patch test can be done if you have concerns regarding adhesives. Contact your technician for a free consultation!



What can I expect at my first appointment?

At your first appointment, your lash technician should consult with you about the style of lashes desired and agree what look you will be going towards. She should explain the entire process to you before getting started and go over any questions you may have initially.

They may ask if they can take before/after photos of you for a website and look book but this is not something you have to do if you are not comfortable. You must sign a waiver allowing your technician to use your photos for any purpose.

During the application, you will be laying down. Your lash technician will need to appy under eye pads to hold down your bottom lashes. This is to avoid your bottom lashes from coming up through your top lashes when your eyes are closed during application. Your lash stylist will begin applying the lashes one by one to your natural lashes, working their way between both eyes from the inside corners to the outside corners. Your lash stylist will also go over care and maintenance with you while applying. After all extensions are applied, you will have a few minutes of drying time. Most technicians will spray a light mist of water over the eyes after application to seal in the adhesive and allow for faster drying time.

Once drying is complete, the under eye pads can be removed. The lashes should be brushed and separated one final time before the big reveal! Check out those lashes girls!

How long do lash extensions last?

The extensions are applied to your natural lash and will grow and shed with your natural lash during it’s own growth cycle. Your lashes are constantly growing and shedding and typical lash loss is 1-5 lashes per day, per eye. Normally, we don’t notice this loss as each lash is at it’s own step in the growing cycle. An average lash growth cycle is 4-6 weeks, so within 4-6 weeks, all extensions should grow off and shed with the natural lash. The life of the extensions is determined on how quickly your natural lashes grow and shed and also how well you care caring for your extensions.

How often will I need to come in for maintenance?

This really depends again on the natural growth cycle of your lashes and how well you care caring for them. Usually by about week 2 or 3 after the initial full set or your last appointment, you should be approximately half way through your growth cycle and should see about 50% loss of extensions. Most people come in around week 2 or 3 for a fill and maintenance. During the fill appointment, your lash stylist will clean up your lashes, separate out any clumps that have stuck together, remove any overly outgrown lashes, and then reapply new extensions to all of the available natural lashes.

Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

We get this question ALL THE TIME. Properly applied extensions will not cause damage to your natural lashes. Improperly caring for your lashes can! Pulling, tugging, playing with your extensions is very stressful to your natural lash. You risk breaking off your natural lashes or completely pulling out the natural lash which can be damaging to the hair follicle. Long term excessive damage to the hair follicle can cause the follicle to not produce another lash. Also, using an extension that is too heavy or too long can also cause excess stress to your natural lash as your natural lash just cannot support the added weight. Your lash stylists will recommend what length/thickness your natural lashes can handle to avoid this from happening. We can only go as long or as thick as your natural lashes will allow!



The bottom line is… lash extensions are AMAZING. They are time saving, age rewinding, confidence boosting bad ass little lashes that make me feel like a kid in a candy store. Can’t say I’ve ever lashed someone that didn’t feel like Beyonce when they walked out of my room. It’s a great feeling. So I highly recommend getting them, because who doesn’t want to feel like Beyonce?!

Check out our in depth FAQ page for even MORE lash tips and tricks! Click HERE!

What was your favorite take away? What did you learn from the Ultimate Guide to Lash Extensions?

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