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Spring is here! Spring is here! Ok I better settle down before it up and disappears on me, again. OMG but don’t you totally just LOVE Spring! I do! Fresh air, new beginnings, and new wardrobe must haves! Yessssssssssss!!

We JUST got our Spring arrivals in at the Boutique and I must say… I am SO excited to wear some of these! Last week my sister-in-law came out to model for our photo shoot and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. putting together all things Spring! It got me in the mood for a little “must have” list.


  1. A sporty dress

Everyone needs a sporty dress. It’s a dress… that’s not super fancy, not a cocktail dress, not a long sundress… just a short, easy to move in, aka “sporty” dress. Something you can throw on quick for a trip to the farmer’s market or running errands.

sporty dress Eye Candy Beauty + Boutique

  1. White pumps

Spring colors are light, airy, pastel and skin toned. A classic pair of white pumps would be fab with some new spring looks. Toss those black heels to the back of the closet this Spring. Think white!

  1. A dressy v-neck tank

Reaching for that trusty rusty t-shirt again? Try switching it up to a dressy tank. This will take your jeans and messy bun to a more sophisticated level without any additional work. It’s perfect for work or errands around town. Check out our favorite Jasmine tank!

  1. Block heeled sandals.  

Someone write to the gods of fashion and thank them for this one! Block heels are coming back and THANK GOD because who can teeter around on those tiny stiletto heels that have been popular lately. Jazz up a casual outfit and replace your flip-flops with these sandals, or pair them with a sundress and confidently make plans to attend Art Fair on the Square without being worried about your feet hurting.

  1. A skirt with a split

Yesssssssssss… this is a date night stunner! He won’t be able to resist looking at your stems with one of these bad boys on. These are sexy, yet not too sexy. You’ll want to pair it with something fairly simple to make it the star of the show. We love the Midi Pencil Skirt paired with the Gianna Tank Top or the Jasmine Tank Top.

  1. The Fanny Pack

It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Yes indeed my friends, the fanny pack has returned. You really didn’t see this coming? It’s a handsfree bag… and in an age where anything handsfree is a bonus, OF COURSE the Fanny made it’s way back into our hearts. Dress it up or down, take it out on the town, or for a hike… there are MANY options to this versatile bag. Get you one!

  1. A floral kimono

Let’s talk about dressing up that ‘always easy’ jeans and t-shirt look. Instead of the old band t-shirt, throw on a tank top and a floral kimono! You’ll look all dressed up with no where to go… until you FIND somewhere to go to show off your adorable outfit! Check out the perfect floral kimono for this Spring, the Mary Floral Kimono!

Mary Floral Kimono Eye Candy Beauty + Boutique
  1. 90’s Sunglasses

The retro shape of the 90’s is coming back full swing. Expect to see geometric sunglasses with edgy frame shapes popping up everywhere. From mirrored to colored, lenses are available in many different styles. Have you seen the Raina Sunglasses? Perfect for this Spring style!

  1. Polka Dots

Florals will probably be #1 again this Spring, but polka dots will be a close 2nd. Looks for the dots to show up on everything from pants to shoes to hats and everything in between. Subtle polka dots are every girls best friend, just like in our Brielle Top.

Brielle Polka Dot Eye Candy
  1. Pastels

Pastels are what is Spring is made of. Light colors, cool breeze, flower buds and Easter. It’s all things Spring. Think lavenders, light sky blues and blush pink. You can’t go wrong with any of these colors.

What do you think of these Spring trends? Do you need to spruce up your closet for Spring 2018?

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