What are the Make-up Trends for Fall

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What are the Make-up Trends for Fall

Wondering what is going to be HOT this year for makeup during the Fall season?

Me too!

Fall is my favorite time of the year and to be honest; you can't ever go wrong with some makeup trends because they're always in style. Such as warm, vibrant colors such as cream, tan, brown or gold for those beautiful peepers. Of course, any berry colored lipstick is sure to make your pout pop! 

But what is trending for this season? Will it be something wild and crazy? Perhaps it'll be something natural.

What do you think it'll be?

According to Glamour, you can expect vampy lips, powder blue eyeshadow, all around eyeliner, metallic accents, offbeat lips, and glossy eyelids to be the season's hottest makeup trends.

Vampy lips? I guess that means powder pale skin and a dark berry lip is required to be on trend.

Blue eyeshadow? Apparently, the 80's are back! Don't believe me, check out my blog post: 3 of Summer's HOTTEST Trends, because the proof is in the pudding!

WTF are glossy eyes? Why would I want my eyes to be glossy? Nothing on your face should be glossy! Not quite sure how that fits into the equation of feeling all beautified, but I digress.

So, what is going to be trending this Fall that makes sense and that you'll want to do to stay on trend as a #fashionista?

According to Good Housekeeping, we can expect some more realistic makeup trends. Now don't get me wrong, the vampy or two-tone lips, blue eyeshadow, and metallic embellishments are trending. However, let's talk about the three must-have makeup trends to stay a #fashionista this Fall that is a little more realistic and down to Earth like the rest of us that aren't runway models.

Natural Skin + Subtle Highlights

Gah, it's about time the natural skin look is making a comeback! No more fake looking tans that make you appear like you were dipped in Cheetos cheese, but rather your beautiful natural complexion. 

For some subtle highlights use the highlighting power that you have to highlight the areas of your face that the sun naturally hits. By doing so, it'll give your skin a natural and gorgeous glow!

Don't forget that you can use your bronzer that comes with your duo bronzer and highlighting set as a blush color too. We don't' recommend using it to contour, but as a warm blush color for Fall, fuck yes!

Berry Lips

Love your lippies? This Fall you can play with some beautiful color palettes to may your pout POP! Berry is all the rave right now, but you can also dabble with rich red or brown hues.

Wear the bold statement color of red with a more casual downplayed looked this season. Traditionally it's used to polish you up and make a bold statement, but not this year. Use it to enhance your low-key makeup to enhance your natural beauty. 

As for the brown hues, try a mauve color as it's an easy transition from Summer to Fall without the noticeable bold change in color. You can wear it while you're still sun glistened or while your skin loses its sun kissed look.

Feathery Lashes

Can I get a HELL YEAH? Lash, lash, lash it up this Fall!

Guess what? I know this pretty sweet little place that provides ah-mazing lash extensions so that you can guarantee that you're on trend this upcoming Fall season. Book your eye lash extension appointment HERE.

Everyone knows that wearing mascara on your top lashes and not the bottom opens up your eyes and makes you look more awake. Well, the same holds true for falsies!

Brighten your eyes and open those beautiful peepers with some lash extensions that adhere to your natural lashes that are perfectly safe and adorbs.

No need for mascara either, which will save you time and money over time. Talk about a win-win! 

I recommend that you down play your makeup this fall so that you don't have an over done look by having bold lips, smudged eyes, and bright wind kissed cheeks. Rather choose one feature to focus on and make it pop!

The beauty of having lash extensions is that they enhance your overall appearance so that you always look beautiful and polished no matter if you have other makeup on or not!

Share in the comments below: What Fall makeup trend are you most excited about?  

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