What to Wear to Your Friend's Wedding

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what to wear to your friends wedding

 What to Wear to Your Friend’s Wedding

I looooooooooove weddings! They are so much fun. I honestly love everything about them. Ok, maybe not everything. But there is SO much involved in a wedding. The love. The family. The food. The decor. The dessert. The DRESS. The dancing. All of it.

Wedding season is full steam ahead and I’m sure you’ll be finding an invitation or two in your mailbox this Spring. Love is in the air people! What is the first thing you think when you receive a wedding invitation? For me…. It’s “OMFG what am I going to wear???????!!!!” Like literally EVERY time. I could know for MONTHS ahead of time, and still, when that little invitation shows up as a reminder, panic sets in.

So I thought to myself… I can’t be the ONLY woman that does this! I’m sure we ALL do it. I mean, I fake it til I make it. I’m usually running around town the morning of, trying to find coordinating outfits for everyone and then end up being pissed off because it’s not the “look” I was going for, but I guess it will do. Sounds familiar?

Here’s your No-Nonsense Guide on What to Wear to Your Friend’s Wedding:

  1. WHITE or NO?

OK…. let’s get this out of the way right off the bat. White is a no-no. All white, definitely a no-no. I mean these are just the RULES people, I don’t make them up. In my opinion, a little white isn’t a big deal. A floral skirt with a little white, white shoes, a white bag…. Fine. But don’t get too crazy. You don’t want an all out catfight. And it’s just disrespectful. There are a million other colors.

Now if your friend is having an ALL WHITE WEDDING…. Well then she’s a damn queen. Ha ha!

floral dress

  1. Cocktail Dress

This is probably the #1 dress type that most women wear to weddings. There are so many different types of cocktail dresses. Different shapes and styles and fabrics, oh my! You can never go wrong with the Classic LBD. That’s a staple. If you don’t believe me, check out my blog post on 6 Wardrobe Basics You Betta Have.

Neutrals are always safe too! Navy, grey, and green are all pretty safe colors to wear to a wedding. Lace overlay is a nice added touch for an extra bit of class! Or add a pop of color in your accessories to take it up a notch. Even a floral cocktail dress to spice things up!

little black dress floral cocktail dress  navy lace cocktail

  1. Casual attire?

So you got lucky and your bestie is having a super casual wedding? Jealous! The possibilities are endless when you can wear casual attire. Sundresses, maxis, pantsuits, rompers and more! Depending on location and weather, I would adjust your attire accordingly. You don’t want to be freezing or roasting you butt off. I always go with something more comfortable. I want to be able to eat, and move.

Maxi dresses are always a safe bet for comfort. They hide your middle section, allow you to move, but allow a little “air flow” if you know what I mean. ;) Actually, I have one floral maxi that I’ve worn to 2 different weddings. And *gasp* shameless plug here, but we carry it in the Boutique. Check out our collection of maxi dresses HERE.

floral maxi dress


So next time an invitation shows up in your mail, don’t fret! We got your back! Sit back, enjoy the wedding and have a great time, all the while, knowing you look good doing it!

What is your favorite attire to wear to a wedding? Share your best wedding attire tips and tricks below!

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