Why Self-Care is Important for Your Sanity!

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Why Self-Care is Important for Your Sanity!

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and on the verge of burnout? 

Listen, I get it. I effing get it.  

You wear multiple hats in a day, and it's exhausting trying to keep up with what hat you're supposed to be wearing at any given second. 

You're a #momboss who's hustling day and night. 

You're a wife to your dream man who wants constant affection. 

You're a Mom to some heathens, ahem I mean angels, that fight for your attention. 

How do you keep your effing sanity without losing your ish? 

You establish a self-care routine that you practice daily. What is self-care? Self-care is how you care for yourself. You must identify your needs first, and then you take the necessary steps to meet them. It's all about taking care of YOU! It could be taking the time to do the activities you love, eating healthy, exercising, mindset work, or even sleeping extra on the weekends. 

The point is, you must find whatever it is that trips your trigger and that'll fill up your internal gas tank. 

"You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first." 

Why is self-care important? 

Helps Prevent Burnout

What is burnout? It's a state in which you are chronically stressed which leads to physical and mental exhaustion, detachment from others, and feelings of lack, unworthiness, or accomplishment. In a nutshell, you feel like one hot mess! 

Some signs of burnout are chronic fatigue, loss of appetite, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, insomnia and physical manifestations such as headaches, shortness of breath, gastrointestinal issues and more. 

Sounds like fun, right? Wrong! 

You do NOT want to be on the verge of burnout. Therefore, start keeping track of how your mind and body are doing. Look for symptoms of burnout and when they start to creep intake a step back and practice some self-care. 

You're a Better Wife and Mom

Let's be honest, if Momma isn't happy then NO ONE is happy! 

When you're too busy taking care of others, you're making it harder to care for those that you love the most. They deserve the very best version of you, right? 

That is why self-care is incredibly important for YOU. By taking care of you and putting yourself as the priority, you're able to better care for those around you. 

Your kiddos and husband need you. You're the wind beneath their wings. They're counting on you. 

In fact, when you neglect your needs you're putting yourself in danger for unhappiness, low self-esteem, and feelings of resentment. Ouch! 

Therefore, cut yourself some slack. Ditch the guilt and show yourself some love. You'll be able to better care for those around you, and you'll feel happier, more fulfilled and less like a hot damn mess! 

Increases Confidence, Self Love, and Worth

When you are rested, taking care of yourself, and feeling your best you will experience an increase in confidence, feel more love towards yourself and feel worthy of the life that you live. 

Picture this... 

You are wearing the same pj's for three days because who needs sleep anyway, with spit up on your shoulder, a messy bun due to unwashed hair, and three-day-old makeup on your face. 


You are wearing super cute and trendy clothing from #eyecandybeautyandboutique, your hair washed, curled and looking fly with your makeup on point. You feel rested, refreshed and are ready to conquer the world. 

Which would make you feel more confident, worthy and loving? 

As you can see, self-care is vital to your overall happiness. The less you feel like a hot mess, the better it'll be for those around you. Remember, you can't pour from an empty cup so fill it up first by taking care of YOU. 

It's not selfish. There's no reason to have Mom or wife guilt. It's crucial for you to be living a happy, healthy, and abundant life! 

Not sure what to do as self-care?  

Don't worry! Here are a few examples of ways that you practice self-care:  

  • Sleeping in on the weekends. 
  • Going to bed early during the week. 
  • Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet. 
  • Exercising daily.
  • Writing in your journal.
  • Showering daily.
  • Getting dressed to impress. 
  • Putting on jewelry or perfume. 
  • Attending church. 

I also found this fantastic blog post that provides several ideas for inner and outer self-care for the anyone on a budget. Click HERE to read more! 

In the comments below: What is your favorite way to practice self-care? 

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