Why Shop from a Boutique vs a Department Store

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Why Shop from a Boutique vs a Department Store

Perhaps you're wondering what makes boutiques so popular?  

Could you go to Target, Kohl's, TJ Maxx, or whatever department store you frequent? Sure, absolutely!  

What makes a boutique incredibly attractive? It's the EXPERIENCE! A department store treats you like everyone else. Like just another customer and nothing more.  

However, a boutique, they'll treat you like you're the Queen. You get customized and individualized attention at the boutique. The overall experience is different because you get special treatment. You mean more to the boutique owner than you do a department store chain.  

Why should you buy from me, a small local business owner, versus a department store chain? I mean aside from the obvious that I'm kick ass and our Eye Candy Boutique is effing ah-mazing, here are three other reasons why you should consider buying from your local boutique:  

Local Small Business

Boutiques are typically locally owned and operated. Which means when you buy from a local boutique, you're supporting a local business in your area. You're not buying a CEO their 7th vacation home or yacht. Instead, you're helping a member of the community keep a roof over her family's head, food in their bellies, and maybe even paying for music lessons or admission costs for a sports camp.  

Also, when you shop local you're keeping the dollars locally in your community so that money is continuously circulating in the area. By doing so, you're enriching the community as a whole one dollar at a time!  

A locally owned business provides the community with jobs! These jobs help others provide for their families, take care of their basic needs, and live a good life.  

Often, these local small businesses also offer a competitive wage versus department stores because they know the importance of keeping a thriving business in their community and employing members of the community as employees.  

As you can see, a small business in your local area has many benefits and what was outlined above only scratches the surface of its importance.  

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of shopping local, take a look at this article from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance 

Unique + Trendy Style

A boutique offers unique and trendy styles that can't be bought from a department store chain. The items in the boutique are hand selected by the store owner which means her personality, style, and flair are considered with every piece of inventory she buys.  

The items within the boutique are of limited quantity, which means not everyone and their sister will be wearing the same outfits as you. You will stand out as a fashionista! Say sayonara to the days where you show up for a lunch date with your girlfriends and you all have on the same outfit. Ever have that happen? It totally sucks ass!  

Also, with the clothing being from a boutique a lot of the time the quality is better than the department store chain, and it comes with a unique story. For example, a tote back could be made by women in a third world country, or of those particular items that are sold a percentage of the proceeds are given back to the village.  

Unique Shopping Experience 

When you buy from a boutique, the overall experience is truly unique. As soon as you walk in the door, you're greeted with your very own personal shopper, or so it seems.   

As mentioned previously, a boutique goes above and beyond what a department store chain will do for its customers. Personalized shopping experience, wrapped clothing in branded tote bags, candy at the counter, exclusive offers, etc. Heck, some even offer an adult beverage while you shop!  

The atmosphere of the boutique when you enter has its unique personality and one that typically mirrors the boutique owner. Why? Simply because most boutique owners started a business because they were passionate about and their personality.   

A relationship is also built with each customer of the boutique, and they get to know you as a real person. The next time you need a special gift for your bestie or yourself, they'll be there to help you pick the absolute most perfect gift from the store.  

Why would you not want to shop from your local boutique?  

A personal shopper, unique and trendy clothing, interesting trinkets, and lovely shopping experience sounds like every shopper's dream to me 

Share in the comments below: What is your favorite reason to shop from your local boutique? 

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