Well hellooooo there! I’m a mother of 3 + devoted wife + dog lover. I quit   my 9 – 5 over a year ago to really kick  this salon into high gear, and I haven’t looked back. I started this place 4 years ago, with a tiny room, a lash bed  and DREAM. It's been the best 4 years of my life. That’s not to say I wasn’t scared to death at first,  but we ROCKED it out! We have grown a RIDICULOUS amount over the last 4 years, so we must be doing something right! 

Did I say "WE"? Yes  ma'am/sir! Our unconventional atmosphere has been SO POPULAR I had to rope my BFF and PIC (best friend forever and  partner in crime!)  Mindy to jump on board... see her deets below! We recently added another FABULOUS woman to our  staff as well. Say "HELLO!" to Nikke who will be popping in and out of the salon.

In January 2017, we made a HUGE leap and moved our salon to a larger location to accommodate our newest addition... THE BOUTIQUE! Yes, you heard me! Stop in and check out the latest in women's fashions and trends!

----->  I specialize in CUSTOM eyelash extensions, professional nail services and PERSONALIZED skincare. I've been applying lash extensions for 5 years, and my absolute favorite part is the "BIG REVEAL" after a new full set. Be still my heart! You'll be addicted ... I'm warning you! I recently completed the Master Architect, Master Sculptor, and Master Painter classes, and became a Shellac® Brand Certified Pro. Which means that I also earned the title of CND GRAND MASTER®, which is SUPER bad ass. I'm certified in acrylic nail extensions, gel nail extensions, and SHELLAC® polish and nail art. My passion is giving women KILLER confidence. I also spend my days giving LASER TARGETED mentoring to my tribe of #motherhustlers who want to LIVE MORE and WORK LESS. SOUND LIKE YOU? I'm talking about DREAM CATCHING and a little thing called FINANCIAL FREEDOM. For me, the CHERRY ON TOP is empowering women to KICK ASS and TAKE NAMES in this game of life. I'm just a ginger trying to make a difference in this world. Xoxo


Hi there! I have been married to my DARLING husband for almost 4 years. We have TWO boy fur babies. Gus--English Mastiff/German Shepard mix and there's Duke--English Mastiff/Great Dane mix. About what I do...so, I work full time in an office for my BORING 9-5 job. Originally a LONG time client of having eyelash extensions myself, I can honestly say that having eyelash extensions has brightened up my overall look and has improved my confidence!! I believe every woman deserves to have that confidence in their lives that makes them feel exceptionally beautiful. That is exactly why I joined Eye Candy Lashes and took on the art of lash extensions. I've been doing lashes for 3 years. I specialize in customized eyelash extensions and styles.  The BEST part about doing lashes is meeting people of all different walks of life. I love meeting new clients, and I strive to EXCEED their expectations! Whether you are looking for a little boost to your natural lashes or a dramatic change, I can offer a look that is customized just for you!

I recently launched my NEW Event Planning and Design Business, which I lovingly named MINDERELLA! I truly LOVE doing what my 'dream job' would be and that is when I decided to make MY DREAM of being an Event Planner and more so, an Event Designer a reality. This is what I can do for HOURS and not even realize the time has passed, IT EXCITES ME!  I love sharing my unique sense of style and design with others.  I'm also in direct sales...I'm an Independent Distributor for Advocare®. I'm currently an Advisor. I LOVE to help people reach personal health and fitness goals and teach them how to live a healthier lifestyle! Lashes, parties, and health. 3 of my favorite things. Come see me and find out what it's like to have CUSTOM lashes that last for weeks! 


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